2011 Calendar – Get Organized and Plan Your Best Year Ever

Get organized and start planning for your best year ever! A 20112011 Calendar calendar will assist you in getting organized, as well as allow you to keep track of appointments, events, and goals for the year.

Calendars can offer you a new thought or piece of information every day of the year - some will motivate you, inspire you, educate you, or even make you laugh out loud.

Photo calendars display pictures of your friends, family, and memorable vacations.

While we live in a virtual world, with smart phones, computers, and electronic devices that have calendar management capability, physical calendars play an important part in communication and keeping you organized.

Here you’ll find information on types of wall, desk, engagement, and digital calendars.

2011 Calendars – What Are Your Options?

Wall Calendar – Keep your family, friends, and co-workers notified of appointments and events with a wall calendar posted in a central or well traveled area.

Theme wall calendars are available in many topics and interests. These calendars are available in a variety of styles – vertical, horizontal, or mini calendars.

Desk Top Calendar – If spend a majority of time in your home or work office, a desk calendar is the perfect choice for keeping track of appointments and jotting down reminders.

This type of calendar is propped up or lies conveniently on your desk.

Day Planners, Appointment Books, and Engagement Calendars – These types of calendars are used specifically for personal organization, as well as keeping track of appointments and meetings.

Day planners and planner inserts are typically designed in an appointment style format. These calendars are very versatile, and are available in daily, weekly, and monthly calendar options.

Digital Calendar – If you’re tech savvy, these calendars are for you. Digital calendars make it easy to link family members together with their schedules.

They can be printed off when necessary, as well as accessed online, on a computer, or on a PDA device.

There are four basic types of digital calendars:
  1. Computer Based Calendars (software must be loaded onto your computer or laptop)
  1. Online Calendars and Time Management Tools (usually requiring a small subscription fee)
  1. PDA Based Calendars (has the same benefits as other digital calendars – with the added benefit of portability)
  1. Printable Calendar (convenient because many can be updated in a word processing program, and posted, distributed, or sent in an e-mail as an electric file attachment)


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