Elegant Arbor Trellis – Romantic Garden Charm

An arbor trellis is the perfect structure for adding elegant beauty and romantic charm to your tropical garden or landscape.

It is available in a variety of materials, designs, and sizes. Materials include wood, metal, and vinyl.

If you need a backdrop to display your climbing plants or tropical vines, consider a garden trellis arch.

A garden arbor structure typically has two to four legs, which are connected at the top, forming a straight line or curving to form an arch.

Arbors can be vinyl, wood, or metal. Wood and metal arbors can be treated for rot and rust prevention, and both kinds can be painted or stained for to improve appearance. They are a minimum of six feet tall (usually taller), and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Benefits of an Arbor Trellis

  • Arbor trellises are available in a variety of materials, such asArbor Trellis wood, metal, and vinyl.
  • Consider adding a metal trellis arch to your front or backyard; the unique variations in color and texture that occur with age add beauty and interest to your landscape or garden design.
  • They are available in durable, long-lasting materials (vinyl and metal) which are not susceptible to insects and rot (unlike wood trellises).
  • A trellis arch can be matched to complement other garden and landscape structures to unify overall design (benches, pergolas, or gazebos).
  • Arbors can be used in a variety of ways in the landscape. They are a great choice for creating shade in a sunny backyard, marking the entrance to a section of the garden or landscape, or covering up a walkway or pathway.
  • There are many styles to choose from:

Gable Style (have a gable style roof – typically made out of wood or vinyl)

Gothic Style (usually made out of metal - feature fanciful, intricate designs)

Arch Arbor (have the classic rounded roof generally associated with arbors)

Bench or Seat Arbor

Gated Arbor (ideal for marking the entrance to a path or garden)

Planter Arbor

Swing Arbor

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