Tropical Christmas Flowers for the Holidays

Tropical Christmas flowers add a touch of the tropics to your traditional Christmas decorations.  Display single blooms, or create an exquisite floral arrangement to display as a table decoration or on the mantel above your fireplace.

The best tropical flowers and plants for the holiday season include Poinsettia plants, Amaryllis flowers, Anthurium plants, and the Christmas cactus.  If your schedule is busy during the holidays, cut down the time you spend on plant care and maintenance by purchasing tropical silk flowers.

Tropical Christmas Flower Favorites

Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettias are a popular Christmas plant because, when chosenChristmas Flowers carefully, they will last through the holiday season (November through December).  The colorful, flower-like “blooms” of Poinsettias are made up of bracts (modified leaves). The actual flowers are the small yellow blossoms in the center of the bracts.

The most common color of the Poinsettia is a brilliant red; however, breeders of this plant have produced cultivars resulting in a variety of colors, such as white, pink, yellow, peach. Some cultivars are marbled, or speckled in appearance. 

Amaryllis Flower

Potted Amaryllis bulbs are a popular holiday gift because they are inexpensive, easy to grow indoors, and are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes during the Christmas season. 

You can buy Amaryllis bulbs from online or mail order bulb suppliers, or at your local nursery or garden center.  They are available in pre-packaged kits (ideal for gift-giving), or you can purchase individual bulbs.  Flowers are available in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors, such as bold red, elegant white, and exotic pink. 

Anthurium Plant

Anthurium flowers (also called as Flamingo Flower and Tailflower) are popular houseplants, and a favorite addition to tropical Christmas flower arrangements.  You can buy tropical Anthurium plants online, or at home and garden centers.  They are usually potted in 5 - 8 inch containers, and are available in a variety of colors, such as red, white, pink, orange, and green.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus, also known as Orchid cactus, is another winter-flowering plant given as a Christmas gift during the holidays.  This popular houseplant is native to Brazil.   The flowers bloom in winter, and are available in a wide variety of colors including red, purple, orange, pink, fuchsia, and cream.

Tropical Christmas Flowers and Arrangements for Sale

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