Tropical and Beach Theme Desk Top Calendars

Desk top calendars the perfect choice for keeping track ofDesk Top Calendars appiontments and jotting down reminders when you spend a large amount of time in your home or work office.

This type of calendar is propped up or lies conveniently on your desk.

There are a variety of styles available:

Deskpad Calendar – Desk pad calendars cover a large surface area of the desk top. They are designed in a monthly format, with three to six months conveniently located at the top, side or bottom of the current month being displayed – ideal for quick reference.

Box Calendar (Page-a-Day)– These calendars are propped up for easy visibility.  They are designed in a page-a-day format, and usually based on a specific theme. Calendar topics can be humorous, educational, visual, or hobby based. Pages are torn off to reveal a fresh page every day.

Desk Planner – These calendars are designed in a planner / agenda style format. When open, they lay flat against your desktop, making it easy to take notes and make notations. Page style is designed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. A big bonus of this desk top calendar style is that it is meant to be portable.

Visually appealing calendars are typically theme based. They are available in many topics and interests. If you’re interested in a tropical or beach theme, consider the following topics:
  • Tropical Plants and Flowers
  • Tropical Gardens and Landscapes
  • Exotic Beach Locations
  • Beautiful Sunset and Ocean Scenes
  • Lighthouses and Sailboats
  • Sea Animals (Tropical Fish, Sea Horses, Starfish, Dolphins, and Sharks)
  • Elements of the Sea (Seashells, sand dollars, and coral)
  • Water Sports (Surfing, Snorkeling, and Deep Sea Diving)
Here you’ll find a variety of discount calendars for sale with a tropical theme.

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