Good Gifts for Valentines – Tips for Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Good gifts for valentines can be unique, elegant, personal, orGood Gifts for Valentines romantic. The best Valentine’s Day gifts are meaningful symbols of affection, devotion, and appreciation.

What’s great about Valentine’s Day is the variety of options available for gift giving.

If you’re just getting to know someone, flowers and candy are a traditional favorite.

In a committed relationship, a personalized gift is the perfect symbol of affection and devotion.

Good gifts for Valentines are easy to find. Here you’ll find tips for choosing the best Valentine’s gift, as well as a variety of gift-giving ideas.

Good Gifts for Valentines – Choosing the Best Gift

Base your gift on the length and status of the relationship.

If you’re in the early stages of getting to know someone, an appropriate gift would be similar to something you would give to the hostess of a party (wine, flowers, gourmet treats, etc.). A low key date, such as dinner and a movie, is the perfect outing for a brand new or “young” relationship.

For a long-term or committed relationship, think romantic or personalized gifts. The longer you know someone, the easier it is to choose a gift that suites their personality. Give your tech-savvy significant other the latest and greatest of their favorite gadget.

Valentine gifts for him – sports equipment, sporting event tickets, or a candle-lit dinner. Valentine gifts for her – a dozen roses, jewelry, or a dinner cruise.

Consider personality and lifestyle.

Go-getters lead an on-the-go lifestyle. Help them stay organized with a Blackberry, iPhone, or iPad. A heavy traveler will appreciate a nice piece of luggage, a travel friendly laptop case, or travel themed accessories (manicure kit, travel candle, travel clock/alarm, etc.).

Does your significant other enjoy the outdoors?  Think sporting accessories and camping equipment. Plan a short weekend get-a-way dedicated to golfing, river rafting, cycling, or camping.

Choose a gift with personal hobbies and interests in mind.

Gifts based on hobbies are always a hit. Give a themed gift basket based on a hobby or interest. For a wine enthusiast, a gift basket might include wine, cheese, crackers, and personalized wine glasses. If your significant other enjoys cooking or barbequing, fill a basket with a themed cookbook surrounded by cooking or barbequing accessories.

Plan a unique date, centered on wine-tasting, a sporting event, spa treatments, or a favorite activity (golfing, bungee jumping, surfing, etc.)

When in doubt, think traditional.

You can’t go wrong with traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. Traditional gifts for her – flowers, jewelry, perfume, lingerie, or sweets. Traditional gifts for him – cologne, cufflinks, cigars, or a money clip.

Good Gifts for Valentines – What are Your Options?

Finding good gifts for Valentines can be an intimidating task. Consider these gifts for the perfect valentine surprise:

Valentine Gifts for Women

From traditional to unique, here you’ll find the best Valentine’s Day gifts to make her feel special. When in doubt, traditional gifts are always a hit: a bouquet of roses, sparkling jewelry, a favorite perfume, romantic lingerie, or decadent chocolates.

Surprise her with the unexpected: A themed gift basket, an engraved piece of jewelry, a romantic playlist loaded onto her mp3 player, or a short weekend get-a-way.

Valentine Gifts for Men

You can’t go wrong with a time-tested gift: his favorite cologne, elegant cufflinks, Cuban cigars, or a stylish money clip. For an unexpected surprise try one of these unique Valentine gifts for him: tickets to his favorite sporting event, a gourmet candle-lit dinner, or a personalized monogrammed gift.

Send Your Valentine a Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

Nothing makes a heart melt faster than a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Say “I Love You” with a dozen beautiful red roses. For a romantic message, send pink roses. If it’s a little early in the relationship for a bold statement of sentiment, send white or yellow roses instead.

Decadent Chocolate Valentine Gifts

For a decadent treat, give your valentine a gourmet chocolate experience. Treat your special someone to a feast of luscious, gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries. Enjoy chocolate fondue for two – perfect for dipping nuts, berries, and pretzels.

Personalized Valentine Gifts

Show your valentine how much you care with a personalized romantic gift. Say I love you with an engraved picture frame, personalized jewelry, monogrammed romantic apparel, and romantic keepsakes.

Unique Valentine Gifts

For a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration, give your special someone a unique valentine gift:
  • An mp3 Player with Preloaded Love Songs
  • A Gift Basket Filled with Massage Oils, Lotions, and Sexy Boxers or Lingerie
  • An Exotic Bouquet of Tropical Flowers (Orchids, Passion Flowers, Bird of Paradise Flowers)
  • An Experiential Gift (Spa Treatments, Dinner Cruise, Wine Tasting, Bed and Breakfast Weekend)

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