Meaning of Flowers: Symbolic, Traditional, and Unique

The meaning of flowers varies, depending on culture and perspective. Flower colors have special meanings as well. Flowers can be used to communicate ideas, send messages, and convey feelings.

Flowers can mean different things to different people. Flower meanings are unique to each individual; influenced by personal experiences, culture, and individual perspective.

The knowledge of flower and flower color meanings is especiallyMeaning of Flowers useful when planning special celebrations and events (wedding, birthdays, anniversaries), or when giving the gift of flowers to a special person in your life.

Celebrating With Flowers

Celebrations and flowers go hand in hand. Flowers set the stage and determine the ambiance of celebrations and special events. A talented florist will tailor event flowers to complement the color scheme and style of your celebration, while taking into consideration any messages and feelings you would like to convey.

Consider the meaning of flowers and flower colors when planning the following celebrations:

Baby Showers
Bridal Showers
The Gift of Flowers

A gift of flowers sends a powerful message to that special someone in your life. Flowers express feelings, such as love, gratitude, sympathy, and happiness.

They also convey messages, such as Thank You, Thinking of You, Congratulations, Condolences, Best Wishes, and Good Luck. A gift of flowers sends a powerful message to the special people in your life. Holidays are the perfect time to give flowers.  Flower giving Holidays include:

New Year’s
Valentines Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mother’s Day
4th of July

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

While culture and the passage of time can have an impact on flower meanings, many flowers have a basic symbolic meaning. A short list of tropical flower meanings:

Amaryllis Flower – Pride, Determination

Anthurium Flower – Hospitality

Bird of Paradise Flower – Magnificence, Joyfulness

Hibiscus Flower – Delicate Beauty

Lotus Flower – Estranged Love

Orchid Flower – Love, Beauty, Refinement

Plumeria Flower – Perfection, Love, Loyalty

Poinsettia Flower – Purity, Success, Associated with Christmas

Protea Flower – Courage, Strength

Water Lily Flower – Purity of Heart

Flower Color Meanings

Colors influence emotions and stimulate the senses. From single color arrangements to extravagant multi-color displays, the flowers colors you select communicate messages and express feelings. A list of flower color meanings:

Red – Love, Passion, Desire, Beauty

Pink – Romance, Sensitive, Grace

Purple – Enchantment, Devotion, Nobility, Pride, Mysterious

Lavender – Femininity, Grace, Refinement, Elegance

Blue – Calm, Trustworthy, Loyal, Conservative

Green – Good Fortune, Prosperous, Renewal, Growth, Beginnings

Yellow – Happiness, Friendship, Warmth, Appreciation, Joy

Orange – Energetic, Vibrant, Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, Excitement

Coral – Desire, Passion

Peach – Thankfulness, Admiration, Appreciation, Gratitude

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers – Cultural Art and Traditions

In many cultures, the symbolic meaning of flowers is considered aSymbolic Meaning of Flowers form of communication. Some cultures incorporate flowers into ceremonies and celebrations, while others consider flowers and flower arrangement a form of art.

In Hawaiian culture, a flower lei (garland or wreath) is given as a sign of affections. Reasons to give a Hawaiian lei include: to welcome or greet, to say goodbye or farewell, as a sign of recognition, or to express love, honor, or friendship.

During Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, leis are worn by the bride, groom, cherished family members, and close friends.

Ikebana (“living flowers”) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is also known as kado (“way of flowers”).


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