Neoregelia Carolinae ‘Tricolor’
Blushing Bromeliad

Neoregelia carolinae gets the name Blushing Bromeliad due to the way the leaves in the center of the plant turn bright red as the plant begins to bloom.

The flower itself is not showy, staying hidden deep inside the crown.

Foliage is green and white striped turning a bright pinkish-red near the center for several months. This is a sign that the plant is flowering.

The blooms are not visible, they are hidden deep within the crown. This Bromeliad variety is popular plant during the holiday season due to its colorful appearance when in bloom.

The colored vase lasts for a few months, followed by the parentNeoregelia Carolinae plant fading as it makes way for three or more offsets.

The offsets are ready to be propagated when the parent plant dies back.

Full-sized Neoregelia carolinae grow to 25 in/62.5 cm wide and 12 in/30 cm tall. They are broad, flat-topped bromeliads.

The best environment is warm and humid – a sunroom or greenhouse that receives bright sunlight and is kept humid at all times.

Neoregelia Carolinae ‘Tricolor’ (Blushing Bromeliad) Plant Care Tips

Lighting RequirementsBlushing Bromeliad

This bromeliad prefers bright light with a ½ day of direct sun year-round. It can be planted in the ground in a sunny, humid location outdoor during the summer.

Temperature Requirements

Average to warm temperatures year-round (65 - 80° F / 18 - 27° C). Avoid temperatures below 50° F / 10° C.


Feed monthly with high phosphorus, low-nitrogen fertilizer diluted to ½ the normal strength. Apply fertilizer to leaves, roots, and reservoir.


Roots should be lightly moist. Replace the water in the reservoir every ten days – more often in the warm summer months. High humidity (above 50%) is ideal for this bromeliad.


Potting soil amended with 1/3 peat moss, or African Violet soil.


Propagate offsets when the parent plant fades.  Pups usually have very sparse root systems. Keep newly potted offsets in a warm, humid enclosure. Placing them in a roomy plastic bag accelerates the rooting process.


Repot annually in the spring until the bromeliad fills a 5 in / 12.5 cm pot.


Individual plants live three to four years.


There are a variety of hybrids available. Most have cream stripes lengthwise down the strap-like leaves.

Uses and Display Tips

Give Cartwheel plants plenty of space because of its large, spreading growth habit. Since it is best viewed from above, display on a low windowsill or plant stand.


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