Garden Wood Trellis – Natural Beauty and Charm

A wood trellis is an ideal choice for adding natural beauty and charm to your tropical garden or landscape. It is a versatile structure that can be used in the garden or landscape in a variety of ways.

If you need a backdrop to display your climbing plants or tropical vines, consider a wooden trellis design. It can be a single or multiple panel design, or part of a landscape or garden structure, such as an arbor, gazebo, or planter.

They are a great choice for screening off a section of the garden or landscape, while still allowing air and light to pass through the panels.  

Benefits of a Wooden Trellis

  • They are available in a variety of woods, such as cedar,Wood Trellis redwood, teak, and cypress.
  • Wood is less costly than other materials, such as metal and vinyl.
  • They can be stained or painted to match your home or landscape color scheme.
  • They are durable, and some are resistant to insects and rot without being painted or treated (redwood or cedar).
  • They can be matched with other garden and landscape structures to unify overall design (benches, garden arches, arbors, or gazebos).
  • Panels make it easy to customize trellis designs to fit your needs. They are easy to cut if they need to be re-sized, and can be placed against a wall, or used as a screen, functioning as stand-alone structures in the garden or landscape.
  • There are many styles to choose from:
Single Panels
Trellis Screens
Trellis Arbors
Trellis Pergolas
Trellis Planters
Garden Obelisk

Free Trellis Plans – Garden Trellis Designs

These free trellis plans show you how to build a wooden trellis for your climbing plants and tropical vines. These trellis designs are available from other websites. The biggest bonus is that they are free and easy to understand!

Just click on the link, print them off, and you’re ready to get started…

Simple Fan Trellis Plan

7 Foot Pyramid Trellis Plan

Lath Trellis

Custom Wood Trellis and Wire Trellis

Wood Trellises for Sale

Trellis Plans and Designs
Amazon Books for Sale

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