Tropical Vines – Vertical Flowers and Foliage

Tropical vines are one of the most beautiful and versatile exotic plants for the garden and landscape. Their colorful flowers and attractive foliage come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures.

Annual vines and perennial flowering vines are the perfect choice for adding exotic color, texture, and style to your outdoor garden and landscape design.

Annual vines, such as Moonflower and Hyacinth Bean vines, are fast growing vines and can fill in your garden quickly while slower growing vines get established.

Perennial flowering vines, such as Clematis and Passion Flower Vines can take longer to get established; however, the final result is well worth the wait.

Tropical Vines - Tips for Selection and Proper Care

Before making a choice, have a general understanding of theTropical Vines different types of vines:

Clinging vines have adhesive pads or claw-like growths along their stems that can attach onto any surface they touch.

Sprawling vines are vigorous, spreading plants. They should be tied to a trellis or other type of support.

Twining vines come in two types. Some wrap around their supports. Others have twining tendrils that grab and wrap around anything in their path.
  • Select a climbing vine suited to the climate of the hardiness zone you live in. If you live in a cold climate, consider planting the vine in a container and moving it indoors during the winter months.
  • Choose the best planting location. Take into consideration lighting, temperature, humidity, and soil requirements.
  • Research the tropical vine of your choice. Find out if it flowers on old or new wood or even both. Pruning vines increases flower production. The pruning schedule will be based on this information.
  • Determine how the vine will be used in the garden or landscape. Climbing vines can be planted in the landscape as ground cover, trained as a shrub, or be used to decorate a structure, create shade, or define a space. They can also be planted in container, making it easy to bring them indoors during the winter.
  • Consider buying tropical vines online.  You have access to multiple suppliers that offer a large selection of hard-to-find tropical plants.  Local nurseries and garden centers can only afford to stock a limited amount of choices during specific times of the year (usually spring and summer). Selection can be limited, depending on the planting zone you live in.
  • Flowering vines should look sturdy, clean, and healthy.  If you are buying a potted plant from a nursery or garden center, check for signs of poor health, including yellow leaves, wilted foliage, and spindly growth.  Thoroughly check plants for signs of insects and disease.

Tropical Vines – What are Your Options?

There are a variety of vines available that are suitable for your garden and landscape.  Review the list of tropical flowering vines below for options to consider.

Bleeding Heart Vine Bleeding Heart Vine

The tropical Bleeding Heart Vine (also known as Glory Bower and Clerodendrum thomsoniae) is a beautiful flowering vine that puts on an amazing display of stunning red and white flowers.
Blue Jade Vine Blue Jade Vine

The Blue Jade Vine (also known as Emerald Creeper, Flor-de-Jade, and Strongylodon macrobotrys) is a beautiful tropical vine that puts on a spectacular display of turquoise colored flowers. This exotic climbing vine produces a cascade of gorgeous blue-green flowers that dangle in midair.
Bougainvillea Vine Bougainvillea Vine

The Bougainvillea plant is known for its colorful flower bracts and quick growth rate. These evergreen climbers can be grown in containers, trained as a shrub, or strategically planted to decorate a fence, pergola, or arbor. Smaller species can be used as ground cover.
Clematis Vine Clematis Vine

Clematis is a genus of evergreen or deciduous climbing vines or herbaceous perennials that are grown for their beautiful colorful flowers. This genus consists of approximately 300 species and a variety of large-flowered hybrids.
Hyacinth Bean Vine Hyacinth Bean Vine

The Hyacinth Bean Vine (also known as Hyacinth Vine, Lablab purpureus, and Dolichos lablab) is a beautiful fast growing vine that puts on an amazing display of purple or white flowers, dark green foliage, and velvet-like bean pods.
Moonflower Vine Moonflower Vine

The Moonflower Vine (also known as Moon Plant, Moon Vine, and Ipomoea alba) is a dramatic tropical vine that puts on a beautiful display of large, white, night-blooming flowers.
Passion Flower Vine Passion Flower Vine

The Passion Flower Vine (belonging to the Passiflora genus) is a dramatic flowering vine that is primarily grown for its exotic flowers and fruit. Two popular species include Passiflora caerulea and Passiflora incarnata.
Trumpet Vine Trumpet Vine

Campsis radicans (also known as Trumpet Vine and Trumpet Creeper) is a fast-growing, woody vine that produces clusters of vibrant trumpet-shaped flowers and can grow up to forty feet (12 m) tall.
Chinese Wisteria Chinese Wisteria

Chinese Wisteria, also known as Wisteria sinensis, is a tropical climbing vine that can grow up to thirty feet (9 m) tall and produces flowers cluster that measure six inches to one foot in length. The stems twine counter-clockwise. It is native to China and attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.
Wisteria Floribunda Japanese Wisteria

Japanese Wisteria, also known as Wisteria floribunda, is a tropical climbing vine that can grow up to forty feet (12 m) tall and produces flower cascades that are twelve to eighteen inches (30 – 45 cm) in length. The stems twine clockwise. It is native to Japan and attracts bees, butterflies, and birds.

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