Tropical Wedding Flowers - Exotic Blooms Make a Lasting Impression

Considering a tropical, Hawaiian, or beach themed wedding?

Are you planning a romantic destination wedding in an exotic location?

Tropical wedding flowers are the ideal choice for a memorable marriage celebration.

Traditional Wedding Flowers with a Tropical Spin

Tropical wedding flowers range from simple and elegant, to boldTropical Wedding Flower and beautiful. Combinations of exotic flowers or single tropical blooms make breathtaking bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

Bouquets – Tropical wedding bouquets range from single-stem elegance to fragrant, breathtaking cascades.

Boutonnieres – Orchids are a popular choice and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Corsages & Wristbands – A classic flower, the Plumeria on a bed of small ferns is a perfect adornment.

Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony - Traditional and Symbolic

Incorporate Hawaiian wedding flowers, culture, and traditions into your wedding ceremony and celebration. Exotic blooms bring fragrant beauty and symbolic meaning to your festive event.

Wedding Leis: A Touch of Hawaiian Flavor

In a Hawaiian wedding, leis are worn by the bride, groom, closeWedding Leis friends, and cherished family members. Consider these leis for you tropical wedding:

Traditional lei - A flower or leafy closed garland worn around the neck and, given as a gift, is a traditional way of showing love, respect, and gratitude. Leis make an unforgettable wedding favor. With proper care, they will last long after your wedding day. Tropical flower leis for your guests are an excellent addition to your tropical themed wedding.

Haku – A head lei composed of intricately woven flowers, vines, and foliage that is worn by the bride. The bride may also choose to wear wrist and/or ankle leis.

Maile Leis – This is an open-ended lei made of scented green maile stems and leaves. The maile lei signifies honor and respect, and is typically worn by the groom.

Hawaiian Flower Traditions

Combine tropical wedding flowers and Hawaiian wedding traditionsHawaiian Wedding Flowers to create a beautiful and unique event. Consider incorporating these traditions into your ceremony:
  • Circle of Love – Symbolizes the eternity of everlasting love. The bride and groom stand in the center of a circle of tropical flowers. Close family and friends can participate by individually placing tropical wedding flowers on the ground to form a circle.
  • A Lei Exchange – The bride and groom exchange leis at the beginning of the wedding ceremony as a symbol of love, respect, and commitment.
  • Binding the Bride’s and Groom’s Hands Together – In a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, the Kahuna Pule (holy man) binds the hands of the bride and groom together with a Maile Lei.
  • Consider presenting leis to the in-laws of the bride and groom as a symbol of respect and gratitude, as well as to celebrate the union of two families.

Tropical Wedding Reception: Celebrate in Paradise

From accenting the wedding cake to decorating the tables, tropicalTropical Wedding Centerpiece wedding flowers add vibrant color and refreshing fragrance to your exotic wedding reception.

Unique Centerpieces – Floating Dendrobium Orchids are both simple and elegant. Heliconia, Anthuriums, and Bird of Paradise are tropicals that make bold and striking centerpieces.

Memorable Wedding Favors – Fresh flower Hawaiian wedding leis or mini tropical arrangements make a lasting impression on your guests.

Breathtaking Wedding Cake - Adorn you cake with fresh tropical blooms, such as cascading Orchids or elegant Plumeria.

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