Christmas Rainforest Decorations – Celebrate the Holidays Jungle Style

Christmas rainforest decorations add jungle style to a traditional Christmas celebration.  Select bold, exotic colors, jungle prints, andRainforest Decorations woody textures to create this Christmas theme.

Here you’ll find decorating tips for celebrating the holidays with jungle style, as well as a variety of Christmas rainforest decorations and ornaments for your home and Christmas tree.

Color Scheme Tips for Christmas Rainforest Decorations

Vibrant colors that mirror the hues of exotic rainforest birds, frogs, and butterflies are ideal for this Christmas decoration theme. Colors for this Christmas theme include:
  • Vibrant Reds
  • Exotic Purples
  • Jungle Greens
  • Bold Blues
  • Volcanic Oranges
  • Bright Yellows
  • Woody Browns

Garland and Lights for a Tropical Rainforest Christmas Theme

What type of garland should you choose for a Rainforest theme Christmas tree? Dark wooden bead garland makes a beautiful accent to jungle theme ornaments.

Drape your tree with ribbon in bold tropical colors or exotic animal prints. A long, leafy artificial vine can also be used as garland to accent your Christmas tree.

The best Christmas light strands for decorating a rainforest Christmas tree are white, multicolored, or single color lights (blue, red, green, purple).

Rainforest Christmas Ornament Ideas

Include ornaments featuring rainforest flowers, such as orchids, lilies, and bird of paradise. Choose ornaments that feature rainforest animals, woody textures, and exotic animal prints. The best ornament ideas for this holiday theme include:
  • Peacock Christmas Ornaments
  • Tropical Flower Christmas Ornaments
  • Parrot Christmas Ornaments
  • Frog Christmas Ornaments
  • Monkey Christmas Ornaments
  • Butterfly Christmas Ornaments
Complete this Christmas tree theme with an exotic butterfly tree topper and add a tree skirt in a jungle print or vibrant rainforest color.

Christmas Rainforest Ornaments and Decorations For Sale

Shop the large selection of Christmas rainforest theme decorations and ornaments featured below...

Peacock Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Tropical Flower and Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

Tropical Bird and Rainforest Animal Ornaments

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