Wooden Planters: Natural Beauty and Charm

Wooden planters are the ideal choice for adding natural beauty and charm to your tropical garden or landscape.

They make a perfect home for a variety of tropical plants, and look great in any location.

If you are planting a container garden, consider using a wooden plant container.

Wooden Containers - What are the advantages?

  • They are available in a variety of woods, such as cedar,Wooden Planter redwood, teak, and cypress. 
  • There are many styles to choose from: 
    • Stand-alone box planters 
    • Window box planters 
    • Combination bench/box planters 
    • Deck rail planters 
    • Hanging planters 
  • Wooden garden planters are durable and some are resistant to rot without being painted or treated (redwood and cedar). 
  • Large sizes will accommodate small trees and shrubs. 
  • Can be matched with other garden and landscape structures to unify overall design (benches, trellises, arbors, or gazebos). 
  • Wooden containers can be custom designed to fit your specific requirements.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Planter

When it comes to buying the perfect wooden planter, you should start with the end in mind. Knowing your requirements before you start shopping will save time, prevent frustration, and best of all, save money. Follow these steps for choosing the best container:

  1. Decide what the planter will hold. A tree or shrub will require a sturdier container than a light, leafy plant.
  1. Determine the location. Wooden containers look great in a variety of locations – decks, patios, gardens, porches, balconies, or lawns.
  1. Choose a style. The style you settle on will depend on the following:
    • The plant(s) that will reside in the container.
    • The location you choose for the container. 
    • The design and style of your garden and/or landscape.
  1. Finished or unfinished? An unfinished wooden container will allow you the freedom to be creative with stain or paint color.

Caring for Wooden Containers

Caring for planters properly will keep plants healthy and ensure the container is structurally sound. To extend wooden container life and prevent rot you can:
  • Line planter with plastic (be sure to poke a drainage hole).
  • Double pot plants (set already potted plants inside).
  • Be sure container has a drainage hole.
  • Keep bottom of planter raised off of the ground to ensure proper drainage.
  • Treat wood with a water proof sealer, or a non-toxic stain or paint.
  • Re-pot plants before they become root bound.
  • Bring planters inside during harsh weather.

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